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Hi, i am Carin and I would like to tell a little bit more about myself.


As a kid I grew up in the county of Dalarna, Sweden. It Is known as the heart of the country. I was raised by two wonderful parents and lived in the countryside and had the most happy, active and safe childhood you can imagine.  


In my youth I studied economics but after graduating I first worked in the healthcare realm for almost 10 years. During these years in the 90´s  I had my two most loved children Robin and Emelie that are now grown up young adults.


It wasn’t until the year of 2005 that my studies in economics would surface and be helpful and  I started my own business and sold ergonomic products to computer users that support people to have the most comfortable working space. These years were amazing and I learned so much about social competence and a whole lot about what it takes to run a business. 


After 12 years in that business my soul was urging to make a change. 

In 2017 I moved to Málaga, Spain and lived there for 2 years. During this time I studied Spanish and learned the Adobe program Illustrator through online classes. I started to remember a skill that I had forgotten about and that was the love of lettering. I bought a ton of pen and paper  and started to handletter and scan those into the program of Adobe Illustrator.  

When taking classes on Skillshare and Moderskeppet I discovered the creative passion of Surface pattern design. I am currently working toward to combine those two skills and make something beautiful out of it. Every day for a couple of years I have dived into the making of finding my signature style and know for sure it is a process.


Back in Sweden and Stockholm since 2019 my work continues and now it is time to take the step into a business and doing this as a full time  Surface pattern designer and Lettering artist.

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